31 December 2007

Happy new Year

©aecregent (Flickr)
Thanks to aecregent for this photo of 172 TTT172X one of three Olympians that were with Plymouth Citybus for a short time.
These buses were destined for a short spell in Plymouth - and I must admit I was never that impressed with them as the Atlanteans seemed much better and these had the ugliest front ends of any bus I had come across before. Of course since then I have realised that East Lancs specialised in ugly buses and that we were just lucky that our Atlanteans were actually quite good looking buses.
I also seem to remember one other odd fact about these buses - Citybus with their long history of Leyland buses registered their Olympians as Bristols, while a couple of years later Western National, long time Bristol operators registered their first Olympians as Leylands. Of course as I sit here having already had a few too many 'fizzy drinks' I may be wrong about this!

Finally - Happy New Year to all my readers and visitors to this blog. Much more to come in 2008 so plenty to look forward too. I hope you all have a great 2008!

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  1. It's possible that your correct about the Plymouths Olympians being registered as Bristols. When the Olympian was launched in 1980/1 proudction was at Bristol until BCV's closure in 1983 when production was moved to Workington. From then most Olympians were registered as Leylands.
    Hope this helps.


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