27 December 2007

Flags or tickets?

C792 FRL

As its fairly quiet at the moment I am posting a few 'double billings' mainly using other peoples photos from the Flickr Universe. Both of tonights come from Terry Partridge TGPhotos collection (Creative Commons) If you want to see more like these then visit to his Flickr Stream is well worth the effort.

Above we see C792FRL one of the infamous bread vans which served the Western National area for many years. By the time this photo was taken the bus had received the excellent 'flags' livery although Badgerline preferred to call it 'tickets'. Its a shame that this livery didnt really last that long before it got watered down and then eventually replaced by corporate First livery. I always thought that this livery style would have made an excellent corporate livery style.


L401VCV is seen when new in the flags livery. The good news is that this bus will one day soon reappear in these flags as Terry liked this bus so much - he bought it! More photos of this bus being restored on his Flickr site

Both Photos ©TGPhotos

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