19 November 2007

The Roland Levinsky Building

Architecture Theme week part 2



The Roland Levinsky Building is the new arts complex at the University of Plymouth, designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Henning Larsen with Building Design Partnership. Construction of the building began in 2004 and was completed on schedule in early August 2007.

The brief for the Roland Levinsky Building called for a building which would give iconic status to the university and city and prove an inspiring and graphic symbol of the artistic and economic regeneration of the city and region.

The building’s distinctive form relates to its neighbours and location. Pillared slate walls form a monumental base to the building and there is extensive glazed walling but probably the most memorable feature is the ‘Wrap’. Copper walling on the two storey west elevation wraps over the complex folds of the roofs and back down the eight storey east elevation. Randomly placed windows punched through the one metre thick Wrap form a pattern within the module of the copper strips. Roofs sail beyond the building envelope forming large soffits clad in the same way. (Copper Concept)

The building has not been without its teething troubles as witnessed tonight with a story in the Evening Herald:

A protest has taken place at the University of Plymouth's new Roland Levinsky building after students claimed it was 'unsuitable for their work'. The university said there had been 'teething troubles' at the Roland Levinsky building - which won two honours in last week's Abercrombie Design Awards - but said these were not connected with the ventilation. 

More detail on this fine looking building here. Terry has a post on his blog here

Others great shots of this complex:

There is a guided tour video below thanks to the Evening Herald


Plymography has some fantastic shots here, and here and explore as he has lots to see.

Glamhag has some great shots too including this one

Roland Levinsky building

Click here for her full set

Roland Levinsky building

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I do have a couple of my own shots:

Arts Centre

Levinsky Building


Google Earth view of the whole site.

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  1. As nice a building as it is, I have one major problem with it at the minute... I work over the road in Cobourg House and every day at about 3:00 to 3:30 that big glass side beams any sun that's about right into my eyes! =)


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