23 November 2007

Best of the rest: New Build

A selection of photos from on the net of other new buildings that have sprung up over Plymouth in recent years:

Neptune Park - Poseidon House:

Neptune Park -  Poseidon House

© me!

Sitting next to the TR2 building in Cattedown this is the first part of the new Neptune Park development. Nothing special but its smart and in a great location by the water.



The new Casino built on the site of the old Drake Cinema. There is a night time shot here on Plymography's flickr set

QUB Geography field trip - 1970 03 - 114

©Normko - a great 1970s shot of the site as it was! The car park has now gone - in fact so much has changed in this shot its amazing really!



Exeter Street has seen a few new building spring up. The Jurys Inn at the top is not a particularly good looking building, although being close to the hideous Staples building does help its cause somewhat.

Jurys Inn

© me the view from Charles Cross Roundabout. Not a brilliant photo as it was taken from a moving bus - with a dirty window!

I am having connection issues tonight so more to follow over the weekend! Tomorrow night will highlight some of the older building in Plymouth that are worth looking at

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