22 October 2007

Third best road in Britain?

According to This is Plymouth
The a38 between Plymouth and Exeter has been voted one of Britain's best roads.New research from YouGov, for satellite navigation company Garmin, places the Devon Expressway third in a poll with motorists. Only picturesque stretches of the A591 between Keswick and Lake Windermere and the A82 from Glasgow to Fort William in Scotland beat the A38.

At first I was quite surprised by this but I can kind of see their point. I guess I have always seen it as a really boring stretch of road which always seemed endless. It was always the necessary evil. On any long road trip away, you always felt you were 'nearly home' when you left the M5 but then it seemed to take ages!

While doing some very basic research (well a Google search anyway) I have come across a few sites that take a good look at the A38 with this gallery on Fotopic containing over 60 photos taken from a car journey along the Expressway.

There's something very pleasant about the stretch of A38 that connects Exeter to Plymouth. The homely title helps - not many new roads are bestowed the honour of a title, but this one is, and the words "Devon Expressway" are proudly displayed on signs for most of its length

This is the opening paragraph on the A38 page of the excellent cbrd web site which is well worth exploring as there is masses on information on British roads contained in its database.

The A38 has its own Wikipedia entry here.

The Sabre roads web site also has an informative page on the A38 here


  1. Yeah my ex and myself used to drive regularly between Brighton and Plymouth and that A38 stretch was easily the best...

    Not like that bloody Novorissisk (is that the right spelling?) Way!

    As a matter of interest what serves Estover (Keswick Crescent in particular) nowdays?

  2. Crumbs - that comment was quick!

    I guess you mean buses Keswick Crecent is served by the 50 and the 46/47 at the moment. We did loose the 46/47 for a while but they have given it back to us again.

  3. and also the 52 but you have to walk a bit - lol

  4. I do actually catch the 52 quite often, but that's mainly because of my friends who catch it can be a bit of a laugh to start the day. Usually though I am too lazy to walk up the hill!

  5. I'm now living in Cumbria and as a Devonian it pains me to say it but the A591 is something else. I've seen quite a bit of it recently!


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