06 October 2007

Abercrombie Awards

Online voting for the Abercrombie Design Awards is now hotting up.More than 1,500 people have already voted to choose a winner of the People's Choice Award at the website

As well as the chance to vote, the site has photos and a brief description of each of the nominated schemes.

As well as voting on-line, people can also send their votes to the Civic Centre.

There is a quick photo line up of the nominees here

The one thing that has struck me is how many well designed new buildings we have going up at the moment. It does seem that Plymouth is doing well and the mediocre is not so well tolerated these days. It is a shame that a building like the Staples store was allowed to be built in such a prominent location, but these examples of poor design are no longer the norm for Plymouth these days.


  1. True, but what about Drake Circus, the hotels in Exeter Street and at Derry's Cross, and that awful Jury's Inn? I agree that the Roland Levinsky building is brilliant, but is it a one off, or can Plymouth maintain its quality in future builds? Whilst such awards are good, Plymouth does also need to accept that it has exceptional 1950s buildings such as Dingles and the Civic Centre.

  2. This is a good point!
    I personally quite like Drakes Circus - at least from some angles, but agree that Jurys Inn and the others are pretty mediocre. I think I am going to have to follow up on some of these new buildings over the next few months to take stock of what has changed recently.


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