01 October 2007


25658 A750VAF Ld ONLXB/1R ON911 H45/32F 9/1983 Western National 1800

© aecregent
One of two First open top buses plying their trade betweenPaignton and Torquay. This bus was delivered new to Western National in 1983, but recently was deroofed trying to get under a low bridge, and has been converted to a permanent open top bus as seen.

This is the 750th posting on Plymothian Transit so I thought it would be good to celebrate with a few photos of A750VAF the first of Western Nationals batch of Olympians.

1750 A750VAF Western National.
(The Jeff Lloyd collection - used with permission)

First Western National 1750 A750VAF
August 2002 (one of mine!)

34750 A750VAF First Devon and Cornwall
© Simon Coates November 2006

Other photos:
Nigel Hall - Western National blue and cream livery - nice)

Blue and white:

Mark Amis February 2004
Mine October 2004
Bristolvr - November 2004

Peter Wearne February 2005
Chris Martin May 2006
The Depot September 2006

A750VAF on this blog: December 2006

and finally
perhaps the most bizarre page to feature A750VAF... (you cant trust computers to select your content!)


  1. Very funny with the wrestling site showing pictures of Olympians and VR's! Good photos by the way, but I have noticed that the front opening windows have been removed. Is this some kind of stupid safety feature?

  2. I drove 1800 hundreds of times when it was on the 83/84/93 routes. The Olympians were vastly inferior to the VRs and were seriously underpowered in my view. I later drove Olympians in London, and found them to be much better than the useless crates Western National had.


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