09 September 2007

Wild offer

On one of my regular visits to the Plymouth Citybus web site I came across an advert offering a full refund on your bus fare when you pay for entry to the Dartmoor Zoological Park. (image no longer available!)

This being served on the 58/59 route operated these days by Citybus.

It still seems only yesterday that this route was operated by Citybus Atlantean double deckers running the full route every two hours. It was marketed well as a trip out onto the moors and was well worth the trip. It wasnt of course only yesterday, it was probably over twenty years ago!

The service has passed between Citybus and Western National / First a few times over the years and is a shadow of its former self.
Still its good to see at least some marketing along the route and lets hope that both Citybus and the park benefit from it.

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