15 September 2007

Important UK Modern bus livery styles?

The excellent Omnibuses blog kicked off an interesting post this way:
Fifth in the ‘7+1’ series, here is Omnibuses2.0's quick review of seven-plus-one important UK modern bus livery styles. Feel free to add your own comments on these or other modern bus liveries we might've missed.

At this point I didn't expect anything local - although the Stagecoach national livery might be mentioned.
Then I came to number 4 which reads:
Not quite the first, but Peter Sefton’s Plymouth Citybus and Countrybus livery of 1982 was perhaps the most significant in literally redrawing the boundaries of livery design. Not only did this increase the amount of cream, the depth under the lower- or single-deck window was kept the same to maintain a uniform appearance no matter the size or body style. A new departure in livery application. Local independent Tally Ho! was similarly minded in ignoring beading.

I was at first very surprised at this but I guess the more I think about it, I do see his point.

View the rest of his list - along with the comments attracted so far here.
One thing I am not surprised about is the current Citybus livery not appearing in the list!

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  1. View the list and indeed add a comment! It’s proved a very popular post, with significantly more page hits than usual.

    Plymouth Citybus livery *was* different and indeed effective. Times were still very conservative when Plymouth introduced it. Everything was either plain NBC, plain PTE or red in London. Any relief in design followed the beading or moulding. Plymouth changed that.

    In modernising, it’s interesting that PCT retained its ‘traditional’ colours and even the coat of arms (above the cab on the off side and door on the nearside). No one really noticed the arms, though.

    Remember also that Western National’s vehicles on Plymouth Joint Services followed suit.

    TY Graham for your comments both on your blog and on the 7+1 livery post.


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