18 September 2007

Change at the top

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The managing director of rail franchise First Great Western (FGW), Alison Forster, has been moved to a new post after the company's poor performance. She will now become Rail Safety and Performance Director at First Group. Andrew Haines, the group's UK Rail managing director, will take over daily operations at First Great Western. Moir Lockhead, FirstGroup's Chief Executive, said: "In recent months Alison and her team have been addressing the challenges faced by the new franchise and their efforts have resulted in improvements in our performance." He also said that Mr Haines had helped deliver "sustained improvements" at First TransPennine Express, First ScotRail and First Capital Connect, the group's newest franchise. BBC

FGW have certainly taken a battering recently and do seem to among the worst performing franchise. We were promised so much by First, but so far we have seen very little delivered.

We have seen First Devon and Cornwall turned around in spectacular fashion by the arrival of a new man at the top (Marc Reddy) lets just hope that a similar turn around can be performed by Mr Haines.

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