25 August 2007

Plymothian Bridges 017: Laira

Next to the old railway bridge is this rather dull concrete road bridge which serves as the main road between Plymouth and Plymstock and beyond. It replaced the original road bridge which ran from where I am standing as I took this photo, one of the few I have that shows the road bridge.
According to Plymouth Data: In November 1959, Messrs Marples, Ridgway & Partners Ltd started work on the present bridge and dual-carriageway. The work cost £680,000. It was opened on Friday June 1st 1962 by Lord Chesham, Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Transport.
How much longer the existing bridge can last is open to discussion as this is now a major bottle neck. There are all sorts of plans along this corridor so it may be that a new bridge is built - or the existing one widening in some way.

©DaveR38 (Flickr Blog this) the underside of the bridge

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