08 August 2007

Plymothian Bridges 014: Laira

There has been a real network of railway lines around this area. The Plymouth end of Laira Road Bridge has two railway crossings before it crosses the River Plym. This is actually the second crossing. Now boarded up its hard to work out where the line actually went. I am still working it out myself! Just to the right of this the road crosses over the still existing railway line that forms the Cattedown Branch.


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  1. Ian R said...

    Hi Graham. May I congratulate you on an excellent blog. With regards to this particular photo, I'm not entirely sure that this bridge covered a railway line. Instead, it may have been used when the new Laira Bridge was being built as an access point for the building crews. This is merely a theory, but I would be happy to be proved wrong!

    There is a great collection of clippings in the History Reference Library in town that describes this construction of the road bridge (as well as the demolition of the old one). Well worth a look!

    Kind Regards,

    Ian (Keyham).


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