06 August 2007

New front on the battle field?

First Devon and Cornwall are now running open top buses on the X80 'shorts' between Totnes and Torbay as part of their 'batlle' with Stagecoach. 34750 A750VAF is one of the buses in use on the route, seen here in Plymouth back on 19th May. Reports from 'the field' indicated that the extra X80s were often running empty with Stagecoach loadings seemingly little affected. With the arrival at last of summer - maybe the open tops might be more popular. Stagecoach of course already run open toppers along the Torbay sea front.

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  1. As a driver in Torquay (on service 12) I agree that the loadings on the 12s don't seem to be down on last year and the X80 doesn't seem to be picking up any extra passengers. All been a bit of a waste of time; except that the X45 (Stagecoach Paignton to Plymouth) does seem to be carrying a good number of passengers for a new service.


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