15 August 2007


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Stagecoach have announced a few changes to its Megabus network. Although there dont appear to be any changes to the Plymouth service there is one big change which is of interest.

megabus.com, the UK 's leading budget inter-city coach service, in agreement with Transport for London, is to move its main hub in the capital to Victoria Coach Station.
The move comes as megabus.com announces a further expansion of its UK network, with new locations and journey options for passengers in Scotland, the Midlands and the South Coast.
The first megabus.com services will start running out of Victoria Coach Station from 1 October 2007, moving from the existing location at Greenline Terminal in Bulleid Way.

The move to Victoria makes a lot of sense and is good to see Transport for London working with Stagecoach to get this sorted. I dont suppose National Express are to thrilled though!

Its also a good idea that tickets are available to purchase at the coach station almost right up to the departure time. Perhaps in time similar arrangements could be made at other locations.

It is also good to see some more services that serve other routes and not just into london. It would be good to see something along the lines to Plymouth - Bristol - Birmingham - etc.

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  1. Birmingham would seem to be a good hub for passengers to arrive on one megaBus and leave on another - they just need a suitable site for all the possible services to congregate.


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