22 July 2007

WNPG Rally

Like many people I have been watching the weather forecast this past week full of doom and gloom for the prospects this weekend, but today the Western National Preservation Group annual bus rally on Plymouth Hoe took place in glorious sunshine!
In fact it was at times too sunny as it made photography that little bit more awkward!
I am still going through the many photos I have taken but have already uploaded the first 18 pictures to my Flickr account. I have chosen this one for tonight as I feel it just sums up the rally overall.

Well done to all involved in another great day. Many of the buses on display also went out giving free rides and most of these were pretty full. Thanks also to Brian George who gave my son Zak a key ring and a Stagecoach Calender - the highlight of his day as far as he is concerned!
More photos to follow during the coming week

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