09 July 2007

Towering Plymouth

The Civic Centre stands out in Plymouth as one of the few high rise buildings in the City. As the future of this building is under discussion at the moment there is news coming through that it could soon be dwarfed.

Plans for one of Plymouth's biggest buildings have taken another step forward with the announcement that it will be even taller.The massive £75 million Oceanique tower project at Derry's Cross was to have been 24 floors high, but it will now rise to 30 floors.A detailed planning application has been submitted to Plymouth City Council showing how the skyscraper will become "more elegant and slender" with the extra floors. The building, which was to be 85m high, will now tower more than 100m - over 330ft - into the air.
The site was well known as the headquarters for Television South West. 73 rooms, totalling nearly 21,528 sq ft on four floors, are immediately available at rents from £5 per sq ft, with accommodation and lease terms flexible.The accommodation comprises 21 Derry's Cross and 19 The Crescent, and has ample parking.As well as sales area and staff welfare facilities, it has a number of storage rooms which have been used for archiving of material for several businesses which have occupied the premises since TSW vacated in the early 1990s

Now, this being Plymouth every few months or so there is a report of a new big development planned - only for the vast majority to never get off the drawing board. Will this one be any different? We are at last now seeing several new developments springing up so Plymouth does seem to be a place developers are interested in. ADG one of the firms involved in this project are well known and well respected and do seem to get their projects built. Lets hope this one gets off the ground.

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