04 July 2007

Bus Wars!

Bus wars have broken out in Paignton - with police having to intervene in a row between major bus operators at the town's bus station. Competition has been hotting up locally in recent weeks between Stagecoach and First, two of the country's biggest bus operators.And yesterday police were called by Stagecoach because First staff were handing out flyers at Paignton bus station telling bus travellers about cheaper fares on the company's Torquay to Paignton route. But when First staff tried handing out flyers to Stagecoach commuters at 8.30am yesterday, Stagecoach called in the police complaining of a breach of the peace.First managing director for Devon and Cornwall, Marc Reddy, said: "We were shocked and amazed Stagecoach called the police.
"Frankly we were really surprised the police should intervene. We work closely with the police on matters of public safety, but this was not a safety issue."It was all very civilised. At the end of the day we all just want more people to use public transport. The more people we attract the better it is for the environment." Source

Although this story is hyped up somewhat by the local press, it does seem to be the first sign of things getting a little less civilised between the two companies.

Chris Hilditch gives us a nice little quote to end the item:
"It all sounds like a storm in a teacup to me."

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  1. I drive a 12 between Torquay and Paignton and so far have not noticed any difference in the number of passengers on our buses, still lots, and FirstBus's X80, still hardly any. And we still wave to the X80 drivers and they still wave back. War, what war.


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