09 June 2007

Plymouth Citycoach Reprise?

Plymouth Citycoach has announced that it is to continue offering tours - after happy customers urged the management to keep the service going.It was announced in February that Plymouth Citybus was planning to sell its coach arm because of difficult trading conditions. But the firm has now announced that it has worked with its supplier VHE Limited to agree "a more secure medium term future" for the business.

When it was announced that the firm was considering selling off Plymouth Citycoach, regular passengers contacted its management to urge them to keep the business going. Since then, the company's board has spoken to its suppliers and passengers to try and find a way for it to continue.

Plymouth Citybus managing director John Ackroyd said: "The level of positive feedback and loyalty shown by our customers and also our staff towards Plymouth Citycoach has meant that we have tried to explore every possible alternative to see it continue providing a service to the residents of Plymouth.

"I am happy that we can, with a reduced fleet, continue to provide this service, but we do rely on the loyalty of our customers to maintain sales."

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