22 June 2007

Plymothian Bridges 009: Union Street

Union Street Bridge, Plymouth

Until the late 1960`s Millbay Docks was connected to the main rail network, although in the latter days it was only a freight service and a shunter. At it`s peak Millbay was a railhead for an express train service to London, beating those to London who travelled by sea further up to Southampton. There was a railhead actually in the docks, close to Cork (Millbay) Pier, however just a little while further inland was the spacious Millbay Station which was knocked down in the early 1970`s, however the gothic Duke of Cornwall Hotel, seen in the background here, still proudly stands and serves as a great and famous hotel. From this station the Great Western Railway crossed Plymouth`s Union Street by a large and very prominent bridge. This view of that bridge sees us looking down, west, along Union Street.

Photo from the excellent Cyber Heritage web site.

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