11 June 2007

Plymothian Bridges 006: Saltash Passage

I spent an hour down at Saltash Passage on Saturday with my wife and son. While they were playing in the park I managed to take lots more photographs of the Tamar bridges from all sorts of different angles. While I was there I also discovered another bridge I never knew existed.

Nestled almost right under the main Tamar Bridge itself is this little bridge under the Gunnislake Branch Line. It actually serves as the entrance to the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) base car park. Its a nicely angled bridge of stone construction. The rail track above used to be double tracked so its a full width bridge for what is now a quiet single track branch line.

Satash Passage MOD Base Bridge Number

As you can see from the signs below you are not exactly made welcome here! I believe there may be another bridge further along the road but its out of bounds for most of us.

Satash Passage MOD Base no entry!

The bridge number can be found on a small plate to the right of the bridge Satash Passage MOD Base Bridge Number

Many of the photos I took of the Tamar Bridges can be found on my Flickr set here although they will also appear as part of the blog post from 16th January which links to all the photos in the set.

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