30 June 2007

Civic Centre

© ncd_photo (Flickr blog this)

Although it may not be strictly a transport issue my posting on the Civic Centre has attracted more comments than any other posting I have made so it seems a good one to revisit for my 650th post to the blog.

In a way I am not suprised as the issue of its recent listing by English Heritage has enraged a lot of people and delighted a few others. It really is a case of love it or hate it (most do seem to hate it)

I must admit I am probably siding more with the 'knock it down' brigade - but not because I hate the building. I am in favour of preserving the past where it is feasible - its just in this case I dont think it is. Like many building of this time, it was quickly and cheaply built and is just not up to the job anymore. When public money is in short supply I cant see how it can be justified to spend the millions it would take to repair it. I am though worried as to what will appear in its place. Plymouth does have a habbit of building ugly!

There is a good potted history of the building on Plymouth Data which does give a hint as to some cost saving at the time of the build.

There are some wonderful photos on Flickr at the moment which show the building in its prime (if thats the right word!)

(cc) Webrarian: Some rights reserved.

These are just small images taken directly from Webrarians Flickr pages. They are best viewed in larger sizes directly from his own pages where they appear with a few other excellent photos of this iconic building.

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