05 April 2007

Lots of notice for passengers

Plymouth Citybus have announced forthcoming changes to some of their services from 27th May 2007 - plenty of notice!

Service 10 is to be retimed to depart Royal Parade 5 minutes later in the hour this is toease congestion on Royal Parade Stop A7. The service is to operate via Carradale Roadreplacing facilities that are currently provided by Services 46 & 47 Monday to Saturdays.

Service 20 has had the extensions to the Barbican replaced with New Service 25. Most

Services from Plympton continue to the Barbican. Through Fares will be available.

Service 21 & 51. The afternoon 16:45 Service X21 is to leave 16:55.

Service 25 Barbican services are to be given their own number “Service 25”; mostjourneys will continue to operate from and to Plympton as a Service 20 (See Service 20)

Service 26 this service has been retimed with improved journey times through Saltashand is to operate via the Torpoint Ferry (Devonport Ferry Terminal)

Service 41 to advance 0628 hrs journey ex Royal Parade by 5 minutes to assist thearrival of “Invensys” workers at their Southway Factory for a 0700 hrs start.

Service 46/A & 47/A is to be withdrawn from Carradale Road See Service 10 forreplacement Services. Daytime Services restored to Keswick Crescent.(excellent news!)
Evening Serviceswill no longer operate to the Toshiba Factory gates. These changes prepare the Servicefor conversion to Low Floor Services as soon as resources become available.

Service 49 the 15:00 Service that terminates at Wembury is to continue to PlymouthCity Centre Monday to Saturday.

Service 50 With the increased journey times being provided to other services and toimprove the reliability of the morning peak service 28B there is a need to retime the07:40 Service 50 from Royal Parade to depart 07:30 instead.

Service 62 extra Service 62 departing from Derriford Hospital 08:39 which will continuefrom Transit Way as the 08:53 Service 62 Monday to Fridays.

Service 101 the afternoon service from DHS boys is to depart 10 minutes later at16:05.

As always full timetable details for all Citybus services are available on their web site

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  1. Good to see them bringing back the 25, though I think it's more of a move to stop confusion than anything else. I've heard a few stories of people catching the wrong leg of the 20 service and ending all the way out in Plympton.


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