27 March 2007

Citybus Repaints

Citybus have been busy in their paintshops recently which has brought even more colour to the streets of Plymouth.

The latest advert livery is carried by Dart 23 for Recycle Plymouth.The rear of the bus is shown below

023 R123OFJ Plymouth Citybus
Two other repaints are 55 and 56 both in this smart blue livery for City College, Plymouth. Note that all three retain the red and white front end. This seems to be a change of policy for Citybus who have generally allowed the full bus into special liveries in the past.

055 WA51ACO Plymouth Citybus
All the advert buses I caught on camera 26th March are on this new slideshow - click the button below:

View slideshow

1 comment:

  1. You'd have thought when they applied the advert to 23, that they'd have painted the front into the new fleet livery, or am I just being picky?


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