31 March 2007

Blogging out there

My usual daily round of reading other blogs included the latest from Omnibuses in which he reaches the milestone of his 600th post. Congratulations to them! I have to echo his sentiments about not expecting it to last when he first started it off. I myself will reach the 600th post to this blog sometime in April all being well.

Other bus blogs worth reading:
Bus Driving life of a bus driver in Torbay on the 12 route - always a good read - and local too!
Driving a bus - a new bus driver with Stagecoach in the South East.
The London Bus Page in Exile - all about buses in London - no honestly it is.
Why am I always Late a new bus driving blog - or it will be when he starts with Arriva and passes his tests. Could be an interesting one to follow.

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