20 February 2007

The end is nigh

© Terry Stapley - used with permission
Seen in Looe in July 1988 this photo was going to be another 'blast from the past' feature - but news has now finally been made public that Plymouth Citycoach is up for sale.

Mr Smith (Citybus Operations Director) said: "The decision to withdraw from the coach hire and holiday business has been taken because of continued challenging market conditions and is a company-led decision. "It is the company's intention to try and sell as much of the Citycoach business as is possible as a going concern, which would ensure that existing customers could continue to have the holiday experiences they have come to enjoy."

It will be sad to see the end of Citycoach as it has always been very well presented with a very smart fleet of coaches - always looking imaculate. It remains to be seen if a buyer can be found for the whole business. Lets hope so.

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