26 February 2007

did by graham interweb experience

You may have noticed that this site has undergone a bit of a change over the past week or so. This is part of a general tidying up of my internet activity which I have been working on for a while, and now is beginning to come together. As part of this many of my sites are slowly being redesigned and are being linked togther under the 'did by graham interweb experience' banner. (I know its naff, but I like it!)
The main hub of this activity is a new set of pages which I am putting together which will provide links to all my sites, and also links to other sites I feel are of interest and compliment my online activity. Just click the violet button and it will take you straight there!
This is very much a case of work in progress so will be changing on a daily basis as I build it all up.
As ever thanks for all the support for this blog over the past year or so. Its always good to get comments!

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