22 February 2007

Bretonside for sale

Plymouth's crumbling Bretonside Bus Station is about to go on the market - and firms are queueing up to transform the prime city centre site. City council chiefs have revealed that the eyesore will be put up for sale or transfer 'very shortly' after a number of developers expressed an interest.

The council has been trying to sort out the eyesore that is Bretonside for years now having given up on its last preferred developer who failed to put in a suitable planning application after 4 years. The biggest problem being what to do with the coach station itself.

Architect David Mackay's vision for the city suggested that a combined bus and rail terminus could be provided on the site of the city's railway station. However, the council has been unable to identify another site for coach facilities in the city centre, and has decided that they should remain at Bretonside.

1 comment:

  1. There isn't enough space at the train station unless they knock doen the former Royal Mail terminal or the houses on North Road East.
    The bus station is fine where it is, it only needs tarting up by changing the areas under the viaduct and proper step free access installed.


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