25 January 2007


A controversial limit on the number of black cabs in Plymouth is set to stay - but the city council may grant up to 20 new licences for taxibuses. Senior councillors are being urged to keep the city's 360-cab cap after consultants found that there was no "significant unmet demand" for hackney carriages.
John Preece disagrees as usual
"It fails to recognise the reality of the transport needs of Plymouth. To say that only 20 taxibuses are required is ridiculous" John Burt of Central Taxi's diagrees with Preece:
He said that there was little demand for taxibuses and the 20 additional hackney carriage licences would not be needed.
This does seem to be yet another case of John Preece against both the Council and the rest of the local Taxi industry.

All this fighting is expensive for both side of the arguement. The council is carrying out a major overhaul of its charges for licensing hackney carriages and private hire vehicles. If the changes are approved, the cost of licensing a black cab for 12 months would rocket from £80 to £691 within three years. This increase seems mainly to cover the additional costs of the legal battles.
The fight against these changes maybe the only thing which will unite the local taxi bosses.

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