06 January 2007

Mindless thugs

My wife coming home from town just half an hour ago reported that a Citybus was stopped just outside Asda with the driver looking injured and glass everywhere. When I popped out to have a look I found Citybus Dart 77 parked across the road with the ambulance just leaving the scene. The drivers side window was smashed in and the police were out questioning a young man around the corner. It seems that stones were thrown at the bus.
It does seem to be the case all around the country these days that youths see buses and bus drivers as easy targets. I wouldnt want to be a driver out at night these days. Many evening services are already being cut back because they dont take enough in fares. How long before we see Citybus cutting back evening buses because of driver safety. Perhaps the cctv should also cover the ouside of the buses as well?
I hope the driver isnt too badly injured.

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  1. If anyone's ever come across bloodbus.com, a Glasweigan driver's blog, they'll know that we've got it quite easy down here.


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