28 January 2007

going going

It didnt seem so long ago that the Mercedes Vario was everywhere in Plymouth. FDC had quite a few in Plymouth and they would appear on just about any route in Plymouth, including the main city services, as well as the more rural routes. Over the past few twelve months or so, more Hong Kong Darts have entered service, along with the Volvos which came from Bristol. Add a few tridents to the mix as well, and we can see the transformation of the Plymouth based fleet.
I must admit I cant remember the last time I saw a Vario on a main Plymouth service. That doesnt mean they havent been used - just that I cant remember them. Certainly a much rarer happening now than this time last year.
Ironically, the Varios are actually decent buses, and as a regular traveller on Citybus 709Ds, I'd rather have a Vario anyday.

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