12 December 2006

Tamar Bridge news

Electronic tolling has become a reality on the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint ferries - but only for 500 drivers.Trial tolling of TamarTag began 11th December on the crossings after a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony on the bridge by councillors Dafydd Williams and Joyce Mepsted, the joint chairmen of the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferries Joint Committee. The new system would cope with a future unified network which could allow drivers to use their TamarTags on other toll roads such as the Severn Crossing and the Dartford Tunnel. Motorists approaching the bridge will see a new sign above the toll lane, lane 5 - a yellow T which is becoming a UK-standard symbol for electronic tolling.
More details on this and other aspects of the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry are available on their re-designed web site which also now includes a couple of interesting web cams!

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