21 December 2006

Celebrity Bus Driver

I had to make a trip into town on Thursday for the dreaded Christmas Shopping. I only had an hour or so to get the last few bits and pieces so I was relying on a good quick bus journey to and from town. Journey in wasnt too bad, but heavily loaded with three carrier bags full of gifts I wasnt too pleased to read the real time display at the bus stop informing me of the next 50 due in 22 minutes - not good for a 15 min service!
Happily though a 50 did turn up within 5 mins and I thought I recognised the driver from somewhere. It turned out to be Gordon Sparks from BBC Radio Devon who has been learning to drive a bus with Citybus and today was actually his first day out with a real bus full of real passengers! Complete with a squad of young ladies to dish out promotional sweets to the kids and a quiz for all the passengers as entertainment, and an instructor helping Gordon along with directions and ticket information.
Excellent publicity for Citybus!

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