22 October 2006

Plymouths Atlanteans Part 1

© Dave Godley - used with permission.

I mentioned after last weekends Atlantean Running Day that I would be posting a few photos of Plymouth Atlanteans over the years. With thanks to Dave Godley who has given me permission to post a few of his photos here I will start with this wonderful photo of 201-204:

Daves own notes on this photo:

DDR201-2C DDR203-4D are seen here together at Milehouse in March 1982. 202 (on the left) still retained the traditional livery. 203 was still in the short lived maroon and cream livery which had been introduced in 1979. 201 & 204 were repainted in the maroon & cream livery in 1979, but little more than a year later were repainted back into traditional red and cream, albeit with cream roof. By the end of the year all four had been sold.

Finally we end with a list of all the Atlanteans of Plymouth Citybus - again with thanks to Dave Godley.

Following a visit by demonstrator 398JTB in July 1959, Plymouth became one of the first operators to order the new Leyland Atlantean chassis.

The full list of Atlanteans bought new are as follows:

121-38 TCO521-38 PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell H44/33F (1960)
139 UDR339 PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell H44/33F (1961)
140-8 VDR940-8 PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell H44/33F (1961)
149-60 WJY749-60 PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell H44/33F (1962)
161-83 YCO161-83 PDR1/1 Metro-Cammell H44/33F (1963)
184-91 BDR184-91B PDR1/1 Mkll Metro-Cammell H43/34F (1964)
192-8 DDR192-8C PDR1/1 Mkll Metro-Cammell H43/34F (1965)
199 DDR199D PDR1/1 Mkll Metro-Cammell H43/34F (1966)
200-2 DDR200-2C PDR1/1 Mkll Metro-Cammell H43/34F (1965)
203-5 DDR203-5D PDR1/1 Mkll Metro-Cammell H43/34F (1966)
206-20 FJY906-20E PDR1/1 Mkll MCW H43/32F (1967)
221 JJY221G PDR2/1 Park Royal H47/30D (1968)
222-44 JJY622-44G PDR2/1 Park Royal H47/30D (1969)
245-63 MCO245-63H PDR2/1 Park Royal H47/30D (1970)
1-15 NDR501-15J PDR2/1 Park Royal H47/30D (1971)
(16-75 were Leyland Nationals)
76-90 GDR201-15N AN68/1R Park Royal H43/30F (1975) (re-numbered to 201-15 in 1986)
91-105 LTK91-105R AN68/1R Roe H43/28D (1977)
106-120 OCO106-20S AN68/1R Roe H43/28D (1978)
121-30 STK121-30T AN68/1R Roe H43/28D (1979)
131-5 STK131-5T AN68/1R Roe H43/28D (1979)
136-47 VJY136-47V AN68A/1R East Lancs H43/28D (1979-80)
148-57 ATK148-57W AN68B/1R East Lancs H43/28D (1980)
158-9 ODV202-3W AN68B/1R East Lancs H43/28D (1981)
160-1 ATK160-1W AN68B/1R East Lancs H43/28D (1981)
162-71 TTT162-71X Leyland AN68C/1R East Lancs H43/31F (1981)

WJY 758-60 were converted to open-toppers in March-April 1980 and re-numbered 458-60.


  1. Thanks for this photo. I'd always assumed that 203 dispalyed the traditional livery and that red came afterwards, till I read this.

    The bus on the far right reminds us that Plymouth City Transport was a largely dual door fleet in those days

  2. Thee was also TTT 173/4X as well : )

  3. Not quite correct - There was indeed 173 and 174 as you say - but they were both Leyland Olympians with East Lancs bodywork, not Atlanteans. They did not last long!


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