03 October 2006


Coastal waste DAF bulk waste unit seen on the Embankment in August on its way the Chelson Meadow Refuse tip.

I have often spent hours standing at the main entrace to the tip taking photographs of the trucks coming in and out (it is also the main entrance to First Devon and Cornwalls depot) and was not looking forward to the tip being closed in March next year.
Now tonight comes news that the tip will notbe closing quite as soon as that. The landfill site, which takes most of the city's household and business waste, was due to close in March next year. But the Environment Agency (EA) has now told the city council it can keep the site open until March 2008 - after European landfill laws were reinterpreted by the Government.
A big relief for the City Council as it gives them more time to sort out what to do with our refuse and a big relief for me too!

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