05 September 2006

The George

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An interesting development with the new Park and Ride at The George today as reported in This is Plymouth.
Just a year ago, Plymouth City Council was predicting that the bus terminal and car park would ease congestion on the busy A386.But today the authority confirmed that it is looking at creating an entrance on Plymbridge Road - because motorists from Glenholt, Southway and Derriford can only get in if they take a one-mile detour around Woolwell roundabout.
The residents' groups think the park-and-ride, in use since March, is an 'excellent facility'.But they want to know why the only way in is by heading towards the city, on the A386, and turning left.Buses are the only vehicles travelling towards Woolwell allowed to turn right, at traffic lights, and there is no entrance from Plymbridge Road.
As a user of the Park and Ride myself I have to agree it does seem strange that we cant have access to the site from Plymbridge Road. We have to drive passed the site and then make the long detour to the next roundabout and then drive back into the site. The same problem exists when you leav - as you are only allowed to turn right and head off towards Tavistock! Needless to say many people just turn left anyway - or use the Bus Lane exit to make the turn.

Lets hope that something does happen fairly soon. There is certainly unused capacity at the site so anything that helps the service gets more use has to be a good idea

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