06 August 2006

FDC NEWS - Olympians coming South?

A batch of Volvo Olympians that were working up at Barnstable have now appeared at The Ride. 31457-61 N968-973SOS are now spare as the contact they were working on has ended. It remains to be seen if they are staying at Plymouth or just passing through. FDC are pulling quite a lot of routes in North Devon later this year so expect quite a lot of fleet movements.

Also I see tonight that I am just about to get my 5000th hit - wow! Thanks to all who visit - especially those who leave comments. Its nice to know someout out there is interested!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! I claim the 5000 GET :)


    Congratulations on the hits, hope this blog continues to be as good as it is now.


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