25 July 2006

The Wright stuff

48233-200607 W833PFB

When I took the photo above on Saturday afternoon I didn't notice anything different about it. Later that afternoon I found out that First Devon & Cornwall were taking delivery of some more second hand Volvo's from Bristol. It was only when I was going through my photos I realised I had already seen one.
W833PFB is one of at least 3 which are already here and it seems to whole batch of 8 or 9 buses will follow. These are of course sisters to the batch that were new to First Devon and Cornwall. It seems that these are to replace more of the non-low-floor single deck fleet left in the area, although it has been suggested that the awful Volvos which came down from South Yorkshire a few years ago are returning North. Lets hope so!


  1. I could have sworn there were more and more of those zipping about recently. I know that FD&C have been using them on the Tavistock routes (83/84/86), but they've been returning to the 7A, and even occasionally on the 1/2, 5/6 and 11. Overall, the Volvo Voyager 2s are some of the best in FD&C's current fleet.

    Though I know what you mean about the Voyager 1s that they've had on the 1/2 for the past year or so. They've seen better days and the brown-tinted windows don't exactly make them look clean both inside and out. A bit of a funny story behind that though, on the morning they were first put in service, it was funny seeing the driver trying to figure why the LED sign was displaying Hillsborough for the 1 instead of Saltash, and trying every combination of numbers to try and get it to display Plymouth routes. I guess the fact that numbers 3 and 4 were in use would also have been an indication that it wasn't set up for Plymouth just yet.

  2. Since when did the 7A go down to the Ferry? It's not mentioned on the timetables


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