24 July 2006

Tarted up bread van

281 N281PDV 2006 07
Having cleared the Park and Ride fleet into the new livery Plymouth Citybus have made a start at applying the new colours to other buses in the fleet apart from the low floor Darts. The first 'breadvan' to receive the new livery is Mercedes 281 N281PDV which I managed to catch home tonight and was able to get in front of the bus just in time to grab this shot.
The photo below of the old livery was taken in much more controlled conditions!



  1. Ouch, I don't think that choice of design suits the breadvans much. It worked well with the Citaros and the Darts, but for some reason that new livery looks pretty awful on the breadvans.

    Saying that though, with the Enviro200Darts coming in, and the definitive breadvan routes no longer looking so definitive (I've seen mini Darts put on the 30 recently), I'm not sure if those breadvans will have much of a future at the end of this livery's lifespan.

  2. I have to agree it does not look as good on the bread vans. I giess we will have a few of these repainted for the few remaining routes which require smaller buses - not so much for the route restrictions - more for the low cost for routes like the 52 which only just scrape a living!

  3. Makes 'em look like chipmunks!


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