26 June 2006

Totnes Castle

Looking very smart sitting on at Plymouth Railway Station a couple of weeks ago. I dont really know what this is - I really must get up to date speed on trains in the area!
Thanks to regular reader Phil Pullen for pointing me in the right direction with these. There are in fact 4 of them based at Laira - 57602-5, Restormel castle, Tintagel Castle, Pendennis Castel and Totnes Castle. For excellent up to date information on these and other locos visit The Junction

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  1. You can find details of these locomotives at www.thejunction.org.uk/cl57.html.
    It seems that the Class 57 are rebuilds of the once ubiquitous Class 47 locos.
    The 57/6 subclass is made up of four locos based at Laira and their main duty appears to be the operation of the sleeper services.


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