17 June 2006

Plymothian Transit

Just a quick note to say thankyou to all who visit this site - I know that I have quite a few regular visitors who leave comments too - they are always welcome! As you can see I have spent the last hour or so catching up with the postings from the last week. I do try to have something to post for most days - even if at the moment I am not always finding the time to get them on line. I have just noticed today that I have now passed the 3000 mark for visitors to this site. Thank you!
I am off down to the Railway Station shortly to meet a friend - and to have a bit of trains spotting with my son Zak (age 3) then tomorrow its out and about on the Moors using the Dartmoor Explorer ticket. so I am sure there will be plenty more posts to come this weekend!

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