28 June 2006

Park and Ride

At the beginning of June First Devon & Cornwall took over operation of the remaining Park and Ride services. Generally that means the ex London Tridents for the George and Milehouse run and these newer Darts on the Coypool route. While it is nice to see FDC putting their newer buses on the run I am surprised that no attempt has yet been made to paint any into a proper dedicated livery. This is a service which really does need a special eye catching livery. Maybe they are waiting until the new buses arrive later this year and then re-launch the service with a new livery? Mind you there are rumours that we wont actually be getting new buses after all - Let just hope that these rumours are unfounded!


  1. From what I've heard, First are bringing in Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 double-deckers for the PR1. I'm presuming that once the livery for that has been decided and they're rolled out for their initial test runs, they'll start to use the same livery for the new Darts.

    It's all hearsay, but with all these new darts coming in, and the rolling signs being replaced by LED boards on many of the older buses, it's a bit of a sign that FD&C have got a fair bit to spend on their fleet at the moment.

    Even though I was along the route of the old 25, I wasn't really keen on the CityBus yellow and green scheme. Here's to hoping FD&C come up with something a bit better.

  2. It also seems that the Enviro 400's are to have a very high specification, such as leather trimmed coach seats, passenger information etc.

    Here's hoping.


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