21 June 2006


It seems that the land slide that caused us problems on Sunday was a bigger problem than was first thought.
This is Plymouth: 11:50 - 19 June 2006
A landslide in South East Cornwall has covered rail tracks and halted train travel to Plymouth.About 100 tonnes of earth slipped on to the tracks between Bere Alston and Bere Ferrers at about 11.30am yesterday.Trains on the branch line between Gunnislake and Plymouth are not running and buses are being provided for travellers.The landslide, which Network Rail describe as a 'serious landslip', was reported to the rail service providers by track control staff.Network Rail have said ground engineers are at the site assessing how unstable the area is and when the line will be back in use.A spokesperson for Network Rail said trains would not be back in service for at least six days.A First Great Western spokesperson said: "The lines will be closed for a week while the tracks are cleared."We are working hard to ensure that our customers are inconvenienced as little as possible, which is why we put buses into service immediately. They will be running all week."

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