03 May 2006

Dawlish Sea Wall

The Government has been urged to plan for a new rail line to the Westcountry - as it emerged the Met Office has warned climate change could make parts of the existing main line 'unsustainable'. Anthony Steen, Conservative MP for Totnes, said Cornwall and much of Devon could be cut off from the national rail network for months on end unless ministers acted now to plan for an alternative line bypassing the vulnerable Dawlish sea wall in Devon, where rail closures are already frequent.
©This is Plymouth 2 May 2006
This has a major affect on Plymouth as its the only rail route out of the City towards London. The lines across the Moors have long gone!

On the BBC Television report of this story the Government just said that there were no plans to look at another route for the railway. Having said that it does appear to have been looked at some time in the past as I have found this small map which shows an alternative route being planned.

There is a great collection of photos along the sea wall section on Wayfarers Fotopic site.

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