13 April 2006


Its my birthday today and as a present This is Plymouth give me this story:

12:00 - 13 April 2006 (This is Plymouth)
Plymouth City Council wants to install a £60 million European-style 'superbus' system from the A38's Deep Lane Junction to the city centre under radical plans to cut congestion. Transport and planning bosses also want to put an extra lane on to Laira Bridge to ease congestion in the east of the city. The 'superbus' system, which features extra-long 'flexible' buses as used in European cities - will run from a park-and- ride site at Deep Lane.The buses will go through a new 1,500-home town at Sherford before continuing through Plymstock and into the city centre - using old railway line routes next to Billacombe Road. They will have designated stops along the way.A third westbound lane on Laira Bridge is intended to ease congestion, and diverting vehicles from the A379 around a circular route in Prince Rock would, says the council, cut down on emissions in Cattedown.

This does sound promising. I will be very suprised if it ever happens mind you, as Plymouth is very good and suggesting grand schemes but very poor at actually delivering any of them.
It all sounds good and I am sure such a scheme could - and indeed should work well. Do I hear the faint sounds of "ftr" in the background to all this? seems to me to be a perfect choice of vehicle to use on such a service.
I also like the idea that it could utilise parts of the old railway from the Yealmpton Branch Line. By coincidence I have just this week recieved a copy of an excellent book on this very line so intend to explore further along the area when I get the chance.

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