29 April 2006

Mercedes on loan

This plain white Mercedes Citaro is on loan to Plymouth Citybus at the moment. Its seen on the 43 which is the route used to trial new buese in Plymouth, although of course Citybus already has a fleet of these. I guess its to help cover warranty work on the other Citaros as often seems to happen with new buses these days?

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  1. From what I've heard, there's going to be a new fleet of Citaros places onto route 34 with a special livery. They're being paid for by the company that renovated the Royal William Yard, so I'm wondering whether it'll just be a shuttle to the city centre, or whether it'll keep the same route (including the dark depths of James Street and Prospect Row) or whether it'll take a slightly more scenic route for all them there posh people at the Royal William Yard.

    My bet's on the latter, and the 26 taking on the James Street duties.


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