18 April 2006

Interesting Citybus routes...

The 28th May sees a few changes to buses in Plymouth and there are a couple of route alterations by Plymouth Citybus which have aroused interest:

ROUTE 43A will no longer terminate at Kings Tammerton... the changes are as follows:-ROUTE 43A:- ROYAL PARADE(A4)- MILEHOUSE - WOLESLEY ROAD - ST BUDEAUX SQUARE - BARNE BARTON LOOP The 43A is confirmed to go up to Barne Barton, However it is not stated at Milehouse which way round it will be operating.ROUTE 26 will no longer terminate at St Budeaux Square.... the cahnges are as follows:-ROUTE 26:- CITY CENTRE(A2) - UNION STREET - ST LEVAN GATE - DRAKE - ST BUDEAUX SQUARE - SALTASH FORE STREET - SALTASH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.
[Thanks to 'citybus52' for this confirmation]

Both of these take Citybus into traditional Western National / First territory. The Barne Barton estate has always been served by them - I remember the days of Bristol Lodekkas slowly chugging up the long hills to the top of the estate on the old 6 and 7 routes. Great days!
Well Citybus wont be running anything quite that exciting - standard low floor Darts most probably.

Citybus does have a small foothold in Saltash with the 152 which is proving popular with passengers and is doing well and has a good reputation amongst staff at Derriford Hospital especially when compared with when First ran the service. If this new service is regular enough I can see it proving just as popular and could well take a few passengers from First. The higher fares on their services will help Citybus in this respect as well.

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