27 March 2006

Torpoint Ferry chaos?

Tomorrow ses a national strike by council workers. How much this effects you will depend on where you live and what council services you rely on. For people living in Torpoint it will have a major effect as the Torpoint Ferry service will not be running.
First Devon & Cornwall report the changes to their services as follows:

Between 0600 and 2200 First will only be operating limited journeys from Torpoint to Plymouth, these will be: Sycamore Drive to Plymouth (via Devonport & Stoke)Service 80 0610 journey Service 80 0700 journeyService 80 1517 journeyService 81 1618 (1616 Raleigh) journeyBretonside to Torpoint (via Devonport & Stoke)Service 80 0740 journeyService 80 0840 journeyService 80 1650 journeyService 80 1750 journeyAs a result of the above journeys operating, certain other journeys on service 80 and 81 may not operate during this time. All other advertised services which cross the Tamar using the Torpoint ferry will terminate or commence at the terminal on the Torpoint side.

This is Plymouth reports that the strike may affect public services tomorrow but makes no mention of the ferries. Nothing is mentioned either on Torpoint Ferry website.

Other minor news is that Torpoint bound Olympian C412HJN has now been noted in service - in Plymouth!

We assume it will soon take its place in Torpoint and see of another VRT.

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