24 March 2006

Like a Duck to Water

I almost missed this from this is Plymouth back on Tuesday 21st:
Plymouth City Council has granted permission for a company to use World War Two-style vehicles called 'Ducks' from the Guildhall and Teats Hill slipway.Asellus Ltd want initially to run one bright yellow 30-seat Duck taking three tours a day around the city centre, the Barbican and part of the Hoe as well as a half-hour tour from Sutton Harbour.
The Plymouth tours, dubbed Ducks and Drake, will feature a costumed driver and a guide.They should run for eight months and will cost £12 for an adult and £8 for children.Mr Slater said that the company wanted to take advantage of Plymouth's rich naval history. The vehicles will be new but are modelled on the original amphibious DUKWs, which played a vital part in the Allied invasion of Normandy during the Second World War.

These are popular around the country now and I have found a few photos of the vehicles in use on tours in Liverpool and London and on the Thames so you can get a preview of what is coming to the streets of Plymouth.

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