21 March 2006

Incoming Olympians?

I mentioned yesterday that there were more Olympians destined to join the First Devon & Cornwall fleet from Glasgow which is of course being overwhelmed by brand new Volvo/ Wright single deckers at the moment. The three mentioned so far are fleet numbers 31387-9 which "have supposedly gone to Devon and Cornwall, but were still sitting at the back of Larkfield
awaiting collection" (Posted on Scotland Bus Yahoo group).

A search on Fotopic gives us the following photos of these buses so we can get a sneak preview (assuming that they do actually make it down here!)

31387 L175 UNS

31389 L177UNS

Both of these are from the First Glasgow Fotopic site (Unofficial!) which is an excellent collection showing the vast majority of the Glasgow fleet. I wonder how many other buses pictured on this site will end up down here?

Update 2008: Links dead!

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