06 March 2006

Essex Girls

The news that Torpoint is loosing its last VRT this month to be replaced by a trio of Essex Leyland Olympians is sad indeed. It seems that at least one VRT has already departed although I am not aware of any of the 'new' Essex girls being in service just yet.
C409/12/13HJN are not the first Essex girls to head south for retirement. Quite a few elder sisters in the form of VRTs joined the fleet years ago, and one or two may still be prowling the streets of Cornwall.
A couple of Fotopic links to peruse:
C413HJN in Green © Nick Field
C412HJN in Barbie Fades © Nick Field
Finally a sister vehicle which joined Western National a long time ago, and departed a long time ago is this Mercedes L608D captured by Ken Baker on his Fotopic site C220HJN.
As ever these Fotopic sites are highly recommended so have a good browse!

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